Nitrogen purging /helium leak detection

We carry out nitrogen purging & helium leak detection of pipelines, pressure vessels and plant equipment.

Cylinder rack with manifold

The illustration below show only a small example of the variety of racks with manifolds produced by MGC. The rack manifolds are manufactured for use on bundles from 6 to 60 nos of cylinders. They are produced for all industrial gases.

Manifold pressure reducing system

We are also able to offer permanent gas manifolds, complete with pressure reduction package assembled, tested and fitted as per the customer requirements.

This assembly covers pressure regulators, safety relief valves, flash back arrests, isolating valves, in-line filters etc.

Permanent gas manifolds

We offer a dual type of manifold with two sets of cylinders connected on the either side of the manifold. This facilitates one set in operation while other set remains as standby. Our design of manifold is from 2 x 1 up to 2 x 8.

We also design and construct larger size or in accordance with customers specific requirement. All constructed manifolds are provided with wall-mounted hardware or with supporting legs (for floor mounting). The cylinders are secured by chains and fitted with hooks.

Gas cylinders are connected to the manifold header pipe via high-pressure pigtails. Each pigtail is protected by high-pressure non-return valve to prevent any back flow of gas into the cylinders. Further manifold header pipe is connected to isolation valve in series with pressure regulating block. Again each header pipe is protected by h.p non-return valve to prevent any back flow of gas from system to the manifold for additional safety. The working pressure of the manifold ranges from 150 bar to 200 bar and conforms to be standard.

Cylinder re-qualification

We carry out cylinder re-qualification of customer owned cylinders/racks under third party inspection/supervision.