We provide on 24/7 gases for LPG (Houses & restaurants) and industry (for medical & industrial gases) and trading of special gases and Refrigerants for over 2 decades, every one of our products has a story behind it.

In this section we aim to tell what are they and their specification.

Liquid petroleum gas

Muscat Gases Company SAOG is a pioneer of LPG gas bottling and distribution in Oman. We operate four modern LPG bottling plants in Rusayl, Sur, Mussana and Izki and several distribution go downs.

The strategic locations of these plants and go downs ensure uninterrupted and timely supply of bulk and refills to all domestic and Industrial customers.

Current bottling capacity is 140 tons per shift per day.

These bottling plants are equipped with modern electronic carousels, state of the art safety measures meeting all relevant international standards. This applies to storage and filling areas, as well as loading cylinders for distribution. Other precautions include a tamper-proof, heat-shrink seal on each cylinders.

We have a large fleet of 8 LPG tankers (23MT), 3 LPG bobtails (8MT) and 6 trailers for transportation of both bulk and cylinders to various customers.

Industrial & Medical Gases

To meet the demands of an extensive and diverse customer base, MGC is equipped with state-of-the-art production, storage and distribution Facilities for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide and Shielding Gasses.

Imported Gases

MGC is engaged in the trading of gases and equipment's to meet the market demand. MGC has earned a good reputation for its dedication to providing value to its customers and establishing a quality and safety standard for the market. It offers its customers the best selection of leading international brand names, known for their precision, durability, and efficiency.