Safety Guideline

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Protection is an integral part of MGC SAOG management philosophy.

We are committed to conduct our business activities in compliance with applicable governmental regulations, laws, industrial and other requirements through the implementation of our Health Safety and Environment Management System.

MGC  SAOG will provide support to all Employees, Contractors to ensure a Safe and Healthy workplace with no adverse impact to the Environment as a result of our activity.

MGC commits itself to:

  • Working proactively with all employees, customers, public and government bodies that are concerned with HSE issues.
  • Empowering all employees “not to start work unless they believe it is safe to do so” and to “stop work if they consider it to be unsafe”
  • Imparting Knowledge, information and training on HSE issues at the time of induction of new employees, and periodically within the period of employment.
  • Instilling a sense of responsibility towards safety in every employee through carefully planned and organized communications and counselling.
  • Meeting all applicable environmental standards.
  • Actively monitoring and measuring HSE performance through internal & external audits, inspections and periodic performance reporting.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in HSE performance.

MGC’s HSE policy is applicable to all business units operating in all current & future locations.

Nazeer Al Rae

Chief Executive Manager

January 2012